Charles Barkley Compares Georgia Ladies To Bulldogs!!

Throughout a recap of the Mavericks’ 115-110 win over the Lakers, Charles Barkley made the next remarks about girls in Georgia: “Georgia the one faculty on the planet that they named their mascot after the ladies down there,” he mentioned.

“So completely uncalled for,” his cohost Ernie Johnson added, “Not even gonna dignify that with a response.”

A number of years again, he made equally offensive feedback concerning the girls of San Antonio.

“Some large ol’ girls down there [in San Antonio] … that is a gold mine for Weight Watchers,” Barkley mentioned in 2014. He added: “Victoria is unquestionably a secret [in San Antonio] … they cannot put on no Victoria’s Secret down there… They put on bloomers down there … ain’t nothing skimpy down there.”


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Viewers reacted by asking whether or not Barkley had appeared in a mirror currently.

One commentor wrote, “Only one additional word: principally males, principally white which are supporting his feedback. Do not need to cancel, simply do not be so demeaning about solely girls on a regular basis. Circulate with the present tradition. Which implies you do not have to be a dick,as an announcer, to females.”