LeBron James Accused Of Pushing Fan At Usher Live performance!!

Twitter is accusing LeBron James of pushing a fan out of the way in which at an Usher live performance.

A clip of the alleged push has been posted on-line.

Within the video, a fan is seen strolling in direction of LeBron who seems to be exiting the constructing — LeBron then places his arms out and seems to push the fan backward.

“THIS WAS SO UGLY what Lebron did. He didn’t have 2 put his arms on that fan. It was not improper of the fan 2 run up 2 Lebron, hell that’s what followers been doing since hes been enjoying. Lebron is smelling himself and suppose he’s a god” one viewer wrote.

“Jordan would by no means,” one other wrote.


Lebron Dropped ‘Rakes’ Gang Signal (; 0:43)

Some followers took LeBron’s aspect:

“Followers ought to cease operating up on celebs/athletes like they are not human beings. I’ve seen loads of “well-known” folks in my days and by no means have i ever behaved like this man,” any individual wrote.

Was he proper or improper?