Billionaire Tyler Perry Advises Black Women to Look Past a Man’s Wallet … He Gets Roasted!

Tyler Perry had some advice to Black women – Media Take Out learned that the billionaire told sisters, don’t be afraid to date a broke Black man.

According to Tyler, high value Black women who earn more money than most Black men should be open to dating broke men.

“A lot of women, especially Black women, and I might get in trouble for saying this but I will. In our society right now, Black women are making a lot more money, for the most part, than Black men,” Tyler said on the “Keep It Positive, Sweetie” podcast with Crystal Renee Hayslett.

“If you can find love, if that man works at whatever job and is a good man, and is good to you, and honors you, and honors the house, and honors his wife, and does what he can, because his gift might not be your gift, that is okay.”

“That’s not somebody that’s beneath you. That’s somebody who came to love you at your worth. As long as he’s secure in himself to know that ‘yeah, she makes most of the money, all I can pay is the light bill.’ As long as she’s comfortable enough to say ‘I’m gonna cover the mortgage and all the other stuff.’ That is fine.”

“But that’s so hard for a lot of people to take in,” Tyler said. “But when you talk about just someone to love you and support you. I know people whose men can’t touch what they make. But when you see them together? That love, that support, that ‘I got you, babe,’ it’s a beautiful thing.”

He’s got quite a response, especially from Black women who think he’s offering bad advice. Here’s just a few of the thousands of responses to Tyler’s comments from Black Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: “Tyler Perry’s 30-year obsession with telling Black women what type of man they should want makes a lot more sense when you realize he’s selling his own fantasies and desires of his ideal dude…”

Another wrote: “Tyler Perry been single my entire life. I ain’t even listening to sh-t he got to say in the first place.”

And a third wrote: “The fact that black men aren’t even offended by what Tyler Perry said about them is hilarious.”

And it wasn’t just on Twitter. TikTok star @jasminesgarden23 said Tyler struggles “to hold Black men accountable” because he has “unresolved trauma” with his own father.


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